Don't let the name fool you, we're here to do good deeds.

Full Stack Development with modern technologies

Who are we?

What do we do?

This is a big question with no finite answer. We're a custom dev firm so we pride ourselves on taking a creative approach to every project/issue. This allows us to save time (read: money!) while building something great.

For a more traditional response:

We "do" Full Stack Development (apps on mobile, web, desktop, data, etc)

Jump on a short call with us. Chances are, we can satisfy your needs!

Supervillain Software is a small shop custom development team working out of New York & Boston. We love to help businesses solve hard problems.

Our expert developers have tackled all

kinds of projects; large to small, long to short, corporate to humanitarian. We are Supervillains for good!

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Industries we have served

Fin Tech

From banks to hedge funds, we've worked with the best and have the know-how to build powerful software for the Financial Industry


Supervillains has created numerous apps for the Healthcare Industry. Naturally, we take great pride in our competence with HIPAA compliance.


As a result of our work with Communications businesses, we have developed a solid process for working on all types of text & talk chat apps/sites.

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Supervillains works under a methodology called Agile Development.

To Spare you the technical jargon, we communicate frequently & work in efficient sprints to be sure the project only ever moves in a direction that aligns with your goals. Second to that, we prove customer validation by working in quick iterations so that we can find out what customers are thinking and use that feedback to adjust course early and often.

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