Supervillains... but for good!

Our philosophy at Supervillain Software Group is that continuous improvement is paramount to success.

We draw on past triumphs and years of experience to make sure that we're constantly learning. The lessons we've learned teach us that we must couple an extremely high standard of quality with an agile approach to development.

We feel that it is important to keep tall goals and create realistic plans to attain them. In addition to lofty goals and solid plans, every project needs to find its customer validation. We hone in on these targets by working in frequent iterations. This way, we can find out what users are thinking and act on that info quickly, if necessary.


Our Team

Josh Jordan

Josh is our team leader and a co-founder of Supervillains. He is an accomplished software engineer who has a passion for creating delightful user experiences and meaningful products. Previously, Josh has held positions at such tech leaders as Vistaprint, Financial Diligence Networks, & Amazon. 

Nick Jordan
Bryan Clark

Bryan is an exceptionally talented full stack developer. He has a real enthusiasm for learning & utilizing the newest technologies. He has no fear when it comes to creative solutions! Before Supervillains, Bryan worked in the Aeronautics industry. He is also an RPI alumnus.

Nick is our operations manager and a co-founder of Supervillains. He has a keen eye for detail and always goes the extra mile to keep our clients happy. Prior to starting Supervillains with Josh, Nick handled warehouse inventory control at PrimeSource Building Products.

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